Saturday, December 12, 2015

Black Activist Moron Wants Chicago Police "Defunded"

Trigger Warning:
You know it's stupid when your facepalm takes THREE hands...
Brianna Champion, organizing co-chair for the leftist protest group Black Youth Project 100 in Chicago, was on MSNBC yesterday.  I'm not going to preface what she said, just watch the video:

Here's the original link for those that might have trouble with the embedded video.

So in case you dismissed it, Brianna Champion decried the fact that Chicago spends 40% of its budget on the police department.  Champion then calls for the police department to be "defunded," and the money spent on "black futures."  Whatever the hell that means.  Oh, and just in case you thought she might have misspoke about defunding a major metropolitan police department, Champion does mention someone named Anita Alvarez who is apparently "in charge of getting these cops off the streets."

Wow.  There's so much absolute fucking stupidity that I hardly know where to begin.  It's true Chicago does spend a lot of money on its police force.  In fact, they overspent by more than $23 million because of the huge amounts of overtime their cops have been forced to put in.  You know what that's being caused by?  A surge in violent crime.  Chicago had a grand total of 2,820 shootings this year, up from 2,587 last year.  Things have gotten so bad in Chicago that it's earned itself the nickname "Chiraq."  Chiraq, you'll recall, was also the title of a documentary released by Spike Lee about the violence in Chicago.  It's patently obvious to even the dumbest fucking moron that Chicago doesn't have enough cops to police the streets.  Well, obvious to everyone except Brianna Champion and Black Youth Project 100.

The major stated goal of BYP100, according to Ms. Champion, is the ultimate defunding of Chicago's police force.  What, pray tell, would the alternative be then?  Once we get cops "off the streets" in Chicago, who will be there to keep law and order in the community?  Are we going to be turning to a private security force?  Will the various neighborhoods and communities police themselves?  Is everyone just going to sit in a circle, sing "Kumbaya" and hope for the best?  Maybe Batman will show up to take a bite out of crime.

Oh my god.  It's Batman, isn't it?  That's the master plan.
The sad thing is I'm not even a little bit surprised at this.  We've gotten so used to college-aged activists spouting off inane and moronic demands that no one bats an eye anymore when they demand something truly outrageous, ie. getting cops off the streets.  These activists could be using their organizations to fight actual injustices occurring against the black community.  Instead we get crap like "get cops off the streets" from idiots who barely have any idea what the real world is actually about.

You know who's really going to be hurt by all of this?  It's not the activists; most of them have never known an ounce of hardship in their short lives, much less racial injustice.  No, the people that will be hurt are ordinary black Americans.  The single mom with four kids who has to live off of welfare to keep a roof over her family's heads.  The black father working two jobs just to put food on the table.  The grandmother afraid to even walk outside to the mailbox because of the drug dealing thugs down the street.  The young boys and girls that will be used and abused by gang members until they end up in jail or dead.  That is who these black college activists are hurting.

The average black person needs to realize that they hold more power than the activists ever could.  Until that happens I doubt we'll see any sort of meaningful change.

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