Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders Says See a Gun, Call 911

Trigger Warning:
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You might not know this, but the Democrats had themselves a little debate on Saturday.  What, you didn't know about it?  Well that's not too surprising, since they scheduled it in one of the worst time slots imaginable.  Still, if you had seen the debate, you may have seen this little nugget from Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders:
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says call 911 if you see anybody bringing guns and ammo into their residence.
That was Sanders’ response to ABC News debate moderator David Muir Saturday night, who asked him about the neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists who suspected something was amiss about the would-be mass shooters but never reported them for fear of accusations of profiling.
“That’s kind of a no-brainer. If somebody is loading guns and ammunition into a house, I think it’s a good idea to call 911. Do it,” Sanders said.
Muir pressed Senator Sanders on the issue, but of course Bernie didn't want to talk about anything of substance.  Bernie Sanders immediately pivoted to things that Americans are REALLY afraid of, like working long hours and seeing the 1% get richer.  Those are evidently more important than terrorism.  Except, of course, for the fact that a Gallup poll last week showed that Americans are most concerned about, you know, terrorism.

Bernie Sanders really should have elaborated on his point.  The way he said it definitely implies that people should call 911 any time they see anyone loading guns and ammunition into their house, regardless of context.  See your neighbor the hunter bringing a new rifle into his house?  Call 911.  Is the cop next door bringing his standard-issue Glock into his home after a hard day of work?  Call 911!  Just imagine it, gun-grabbers, a paradise where anyone can call 911 anytime they see a gun!

Let's give Bernie Sanders the benefit of the doubt.  Let's say he was offering up a variation of the old adage "see something, say something."  Ignore the fact that he expressed it in the same manner that your crazy uncle or senile grandpa blurts out a random statement.  The problem with the San Bernardino shooting goes deeper than that.  Farook's neighbors saw something, but said nothing precisely because saying something is often punished harshly.  The most recent example, of course, is Ahmed the clock-boy.  Ahmed's teacher saw something, said something, and now the city of Irvine, TX is facing a $15 million lawsuit from Ahmed's family. 

What Bernie Sanders needed to do was explain his answer further.  He should have touched on how the culture of political correctness has ensured that few people will ever say anything if they see something.  Bernie Sanders could have distinguished himself from Hillary Clinton, and probably scored a bit of a post-debate bump in the process.

Bernie Sanders didn't do any of that, of course.  Bernie Sanders tucked his tail between his legs and ran away yet again.

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