Monday, December 7, 2015

Aww: Melissa Harris Perry Doesn't Like Terrorist's Picture

Trigger Warning:
Social Justice Warrior at it again...
Noted social justice warrior Melissa "Don't Say Hard Work Cause it's Racist" Harris Perry is upset.  Why would something like that upset her?  Let's go to the tape from the Washington Free Beacon:

The segment starts out with an unidentified guest complaining about how the New York Times ran pictures of items found in Syed Farook's home on the front page.  The guest, who is obviously a Muslim, laments the fact that the country stopped talking about gun control and immediately started talking about terrorism once we found out that the terrorists were in fact Muslim. The guest states that the items the New York Times showed were items every Muslim would have in their home.  She flat out says that nothing like that was done for Dylan Roof or Richard Dear.

Melissa Harris Perry, of course, agrees with her guest completely.  She tells her guests that the New York Times is essentially saying "this is what terrorism looks like" when they show these pictures, particularly the picture of terrorist Tashfeen Malik in her hijab.  Melissa Harris Perry wants to talk about terrorism, you see, but she can't because this sort of thing only happens with "certain groups."  The implication is, of course, that this would NEVER happen if the shooters were white males.

I don't even know where to begin here.  First of all, the assertion that what the New York Times did wouldn't have happened if the shooters were white is flat out wrong.  Sure we didn't get pictures of Roof's house or the inside of Dear's shack plastered all over the Gray Lady.  What we did get, though, were leftists like the "esteemed" Melissa Harris Perry using those shootings to justify slandering entire groups of innocent Americans.  Roof was an abject racist terrorist, so liberals used him to accuse anyone who flew a Confederate flag of the same racism.  The situation got so bad in South Carolina that state lawmakers received death threats.

Of course we can't forget what happened with Dear and the "Planned Parenthood shooting."  Planned Parenthood was fundraising off of the shooting before Dear was even caught.  They used that memo to slander pro-life groups, saying essentially that they were responsible for it. Hell liberals of all stripes were painting pro-life groups with a broad brush before the bodies were even cold.

We also can't forget how liberal politicians and rank and file alike were blaming lawful gun owners for the San Bernardino shooting.  Of course we can't forget how our Dear Leader Barack Obama used his address last night to call for tougher gun control measures.  The assertion that Melissa Harris Perry made that targeting doesn't happen with other groups is obviously false.

To her second point, that people look at that picture of Tafsheen Malik and think "this is what terrorism looks like."  That's an absolutely true statement, mainly because that IS what terrorism looks like.  Most of the major terrorist acts in the last few decades have been committed by radical Islamic terrorists.  The American people NEED to know what radical Islamic terror looks like.  How can people protect themselves from an obvious threat if we refuse to acknowledge, or even show it?

Of course that's not politically correct enough for Melissa Harris Perry.

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