Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terrorism ABSOLUTELY Has a Religion - Islam

Trigger Warning:
Literally everywhere.
 On Friday November 13, 2015, terrorists attacked the city of parents.  A combination of suicide bombings and shootings at various locations killed 158 people at the time of this writing.  Many more were wounded, and it's likely that the death toll will continue to climb as the dust settles.  The absolute pieces of shit that perpetrated these heinous crimes were reportedly Syrian.  One coward who was arrested at a theater in Bataclan stated "I am from ISIS."  The terrorists reportedly shouted "allahu akbar" while they were murdering innocent people and taking hostages.

Yet before the dust had even settled the phrase "terrorism has no religion" was trending on Twitter.  Rather than mourning the dead, or showing solidarity with Parisians, the trend was a way for moronic leftist fucktards to assert that no one religion was responsible for terrorism.  People tweeted out such profound thoughts as:

That's just a small sample of the over 200,000 tweets under this trend.  Despite all evidence to the country, these leftists kept insisting that there was no religion associated with terrorism.  The terrorists from the ISLAMIC State who shouted "allahu akbar" as they were killing weren't doing it because of religion.  They were doing it because...I don't know, poverty or racism or something.

Sorry to disappoint you morons, but terrorism absolutely DOES have a religion.  That religion is radical Islam.  It's a religion that values death more than life.  It's a religion that teaches its followers from a young age that martyring yourself and killing infidels at the same time grants you entrance into paradise.  It's a religion that instructs adherents that infidels are not human, and anything you do to them is absolutely fine.  It's no coincidence that radical Islamists have been responsible for nearly every major terror act within the last few decades.

A friend of mine on Facebook asked me "will this shit ever end?"  I said yes it will end, but only after buckets of blood have been spilled.  The reason why is very simple: we are afraid to recognize our enemy and call it what it is.  Time and again we are faced with terror perpetrated by radical Islam, and time and again we make excuses for it.  We tell ourselves that it's our fault, really.  Muslims have been oppressed by colonialist policies for so many years that they have no other choice.  The murder of innocent men, women, and children becomes justified in the eyes of the Left because we have been so horrible.  Our chickens are coming home to roost, and we deserve it.  At least according to the Left.

It's all bullshit, of course.  Radical Islam at its core is a death cult.  It's followers aren't just unafraid of death, they desire it and look forward to it.  It's children actually dream of becoming suicide bombers one day.  Killing yourself for a radical Islamist is absolutely acceptable, provided you take as many people with you as possible.  Why?  All so that they can bring about the literal end of the world.

We will eventually recognize this fact.  Eventually we will take the fight to ISIS and send them to meet Allah in person.  Unfortunately, it's going to take a whole lot more death and destruction before the people wake up and realize that fact.

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