Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Salon Morons Don't Understand Paris

Trigger Warning:
God dammit you guys...
Another day, another tone-deaf, moronic article from the troglodytes over at Salon.  This time they're trying to make sense out of a seemingly senseless tragedy.  Why are the Paris attacks so much worse than any other attack in recent history?  Salon is pretty sure they've found the answer
One was the rise of social media, especially Twitter, which gives these sorts of events a real-time immediacy and amplification that leaves you feeling even more overwhelmed with the flow of information than if you were relying solely on the sonorous tones of Wolf Blitzer blaring from your old cathode-ray television to tell you what’s going on.
There are two other factors, both of which are related. They are the 2016 presidential election, and the GOP’s continuing devolution from a political party into a loose collection of screeching reactionary head cases animated almost solely by utter hatred of President Obama and progressivism in general, and lacking even the most tenuous grip on reality or basic humanity.
Those two strands came together this weekend as the Republican presidential candidates flopped all over themselves proclaiming themselves tougher and more ready to lead the fight against ISIS than the next. But their policies are both nonsensical and irrelevant, or already being pursued by the Obama administration. It was as if each of them spends all their downtime asleep in hyperbaric chambers, trucked from one appearance to the next, thawed out, shoved in front of a camera or a cheering crowd to spout nonsense fed through an earpiece by handlers, and then put back in stasis until the next event.
See that, guys, Paris wasn't anywhere near as bad as everyone thinks it was.  Sure it was a massive coordinated attack involving simultaneous operations throughout one of the most iconic metropolitan areas in the world...but it wasn't THAT bad.  It only seems  that way because of the evil, angry, hate-filled GOP candidates.  Oh, and Twitter.

You see, it's the GOP that's been whipping all of us into a frenzy.  The second Paris was attacked they all came out of the woodwork all fire and brimstone.  Ted Cruz, Trump, Jeb! all of them insist that we strike back at the terrorists.  None of them have any idea what they're talking about!
Oh it gets better...
 You see Obama's been dropping bombs on ISIS for months.  The Kurds were able to take back a city.  ISIS is contained, Obama said so himself.  The evil Rethuglicans aren't satisfied, though.  They want a full-scale war.  They want boots on the ground.  Our troops will be kicking down doors and terrorizing innocent jihadis.  What they don't realize is that none of that will work.  You can't beat your enemy by shooting them with guns and bullets.

Now I did promise that it gets better.  Here's the money quote from the article that shows just how idiotic the schlubs at Salon really are:
And certainly none of the candidates can explain why the Paris attacks, horrible as they are, differ in any significant way from any other jihadi attack of the past decade. Or the past half-century, for that matter. Fanatical terrorism is not new, nor is it an artifact exclusive to the Obama presidency.
Yup, Salon still doesn't understand why Paris was so horrible.  Maybe I can help them out here.  Paris was so bad because it was the first time since 9-11 that we've seen a major terror attack inside of a major western city.  It was tragic because of the reminder that just a few dedicated people with a lot of guns can kill so many innocents.  Paris was shocking because ISIS terrorists held over 100 people hostage, and executed them one by one while they begged for their lives on social media.  People are scared because Paris showed them that terror and horror can still strike any time, anywhere, and there's precious little authorities can do to stop it.

For Salon, though, it ain't no big thing.  They got their savior Obama to keep them safe.  The real danger is the GOP.
Yes they are, captain.  Yes they are.
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