Monday, November 30, 2015

Pro-lifers, you don't owe the Left anything

Trigger Warning:
Frothy liberal rage incoming
The Left has a simple motto, articulated years ago by Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  So when a crazy son of a bitch grabbed a gun and killed 3 people near a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs on Friday, they wasted no time trying to pin it on all pro-lifers and right-wingers.  Hell Planned Parenthood themselves began using the incident as a fundraising tool just a few hours after the shooting was resolved.  The media got in on the act, too, with Chuck Todd doing his damndest to politicize the hell out of the Planned Parenthood location shooting.

Why is the Left trying to tie the Planned Parenthood shooting around the necks of every pro lifer?  Because alleged gunman Robert Lewis Dear apparently told investigators "no more baby parts."  Of course Dear made this statement in the midst of some disjointed ramblings.  In fact, law enforcement officials weren't even sure that his statement was enough to establish a motive.  Really nothing seems to be clear with this guy.  This is a man who, according to people who knew him, was a few cans shy of a six pack.  Robert Lewis Dear was actually registered to vote as a woman, and lived in a Unabomber-style shack in the woods.  The only thing we know for sure about this guy is he is a profoundly disturbed individual.

That's not going to stop the Left, though.  They will continue to demonize pro-life organizations and individuals over the coming days and weeks.  "How can you be pro life and against abortion, and not condemn this violence," they'll shriek, as if the two opinions are mutually exclusive.  Leftists everywhere will demand that you defend your pro life beliefs, especially in light of the heinous Planned Parenthood shooting.

I have three words of advice for all of you out there: don't do it.

The argument that Robert Lewis Dear represents all pro life organizations is ludicrous and stupid.  Pro life organizations definitely do not like Planned Parenthood.  In fact, I think it's safe to say that pro-lifers hate Planned Parenthood.  Very few of them would be unhappy if the entire Planned Parenthood operation went bankrupt and had to close its doors.  Pro lifers, however, are not picking up guns and shooting up Planned Parenthood clinics.  The most heated rhetoric pro life organizations have directed towards Planned Parenthood is to call for Congress to defund them.  Robert Lewis Dear does not represent the pro life movement.

So what should be the response to the Left's demands that you defend your pro-life beliefs?  Simply put, nothing.  Don't even bother to engage the conversation.  Leftists have already made up their minds that the entire pro-life movement is guilty as hell.  Anything that you say in your defense will be twisted and spun around to attack you again.  They will put words in your mouth.  The leftist will wail, gnash his teeth, and pull his hair.  Don't take his argument seriously, and don't engage him.  There's an old saying that you can't fix stupid, and you sure as hell can't argue with it.  Any attempts to do so will just result in endless frustration on your part.

Robert Lewis Dear does not represent the pro life movement.  Robert Lewis Dear represents absolute bat-shit insanity.  Be secure in that knowledge, and you'll be able to laugh in the face of the leftist when he attempts to link you to this monster.

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  1. "Robert Lewis Dear does not represent the pro life movement. Robert Lewis Dear represents absolute bat-shit insanity."

    Just like ISIS doesn't represent all Muslims. See how that works?

  2. Just like how the cop that shot Laquan McDonald doesn't represent all cops.

    Or how the Charleston shooter doesn't represent all southern Confederate flag wavers.

    Or how any mass shooter doesn't represent all gun owners.

    Or how a small portion of scientists doesn't represent all scientists.

    Yes I do see how that works? Do you? Does the Left?

    You don't need to answer, it's rhetorical.


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