Tuesday, November 3, 2015

OMG This is TOO Much!

Trigger Warning:
This post is TOO sexist...apparently.

You know, most days are good.  The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting while bees try to have sex with them (if I remember 9th grade health class correctly).  Then something like this comes along, and I can't even:
 In my experience, I rarely hear too thrown around about men. You hear someone say, "He's short," but you seldom hear "too short." I hear women and men alike each day describing women as too something. But what does it really mean when you call a woman too? I asked myself, "too what?" I have determined that too means you're calling a woman too far away from your idyllic vision of what a woman should be. Something as small as calling a woman's dress too long or her muscles too built has a much larger social construct. With all the varying tastes and cultures in this world, it is impossible for a woman -- or anyone, for that matter -- to fulfill everyone's criteria. And why is it our responsibility to satisfy them, anyway?
That's right, folks.  Cameron Schaeffer in "The Three Letter Word That Cuts Women Down Every Day" has determined that the word "too" is, well, too sexist.  Apparently saying something like "that girl is TOO skinny", "that girl is TOO fat", or "that social justice warrior is TOO dumb" creates an unattainable standard that women can never live up to.  This isn't TOO much of a problem for men, according to Schaeffer.  It's only women that are confronted with TOO high of a standard when a horrible word like "too" is thrown around way TOO much.

I mean there isn't TOO much to be said about this.  The absolute ridiculousness of this stands on its own, really.  Just when we think the PC language police have gone TOO far, they prove that they haven't gone TOO far enough.  What's it like, I wonder, to be TOO sensitive to the point where a completely innocuous word like TOO sets you off?  We're eventually going to get to the point where every word offends everyone.  Once we get to that point we may as well just sit quietly in a dark room 24/7.

Or would that be TOO offensive as well?

 H/T to Amanda Prestigiacomo at The Daily Wire: The Word 'Too' is Now Sexist

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