Wednesday, November 18, 2015

John Kerry Says Charlie Hebdo Attack "Legitimate"

Trigger Warning:
Picard's getting a workout this week...
Well folks, our illustrious Secretary of State John Fucking Kerry decided to offer some words of comfort and solace about Paris today.  Unfortunately for him he decided to plant his foot squarely in his mouth.  I really can't describe it to you, so let's go to the video:
So Charlie Hebdo "had a certain legitimacy" Mr. Kerry?  Something we could point to and say they're really mad about this?  I mean at least he called Paris senseless and an attack on civilization.  We've got to give him some credit at least.

The hilarious thing is you can tell right away that he knew what he said was absolutely fucking stupid.  Just about 5 seconds after he said it he tries to walk it back.  Unfortunately the walk back wasn't any better.

Terrorists, John Kerry wants you to know that he understands your pain.  He knows where you're coming from.  Secretary of State John Kerry knows that Charlie Hebdo was a logical expression of the rage you felt when that magazine made fun of Mohammed.  John Kerry's not like all of those unenlightened peasants out there; he's a smart, caring, compassionate man.  Really John Kerry's one of you.  Please don't saw his head off with a machete.

Fucking idiot is what he is.  That he represents America on the world stage is a fucking embarrassment to all of us.  
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