Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hey, Liberals, Answer This One Question...

Trigger Warning:
Get ready to put those thinking caps on!
Hey guys guess what?  We're all racist!  Well 53% of us at least.  "Oh, Jesus, what now?" I hear you groan in exasperation.  That 53% is the number of Americans who don't want the government bringing in un-vetted refugees from Syria.  That's according to a Bloomberg poll from last week.

Why is that, I wonder?  Could it be because several of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks entered the country by pretending to be Syrian refugees?  Or is it the fact that 13% of Syrian refugees that were polled have a favorable view of ISIS?  Maybe it's the fact that ISIS has said it will use the Syrian refugee crisis to infiltrate the West.

The fact that we have no ability to adequately vet the Syrian refugees entering our country might also have something to do with the Bloomberg poll.  Even DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey have admitted that vetting Syrian refugees will be difficult at best.

Nope, Americans don't want Syrian refugees because we're horrible, xenophobic, racist people.  Of course liberals in the government and the media are absolutely fed up with all us unenlightened rubes.  Obama used his Thanksgiving address to shame Americans who don't want any Syrian refugees, and compared the refugees to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower.

The Washington Post ran an editorial arguing that Americans can't deny the plight of Syrian refugees, and took the GOP presidential candidates to task:
IN THE face of the horror in Paris — not to mention Beirut and Baghdad — an instinctual reaction is to attempt to close the United States to the world and, in effect, ignore the plight of people America might help. At best, this reaction is understandable but self-defeating. From the mouths of Republican presidential candidates, it has become downright ugly.
The Lost Angeles Times echoed the same sentiments in another editorial:
It's preposterous that a serious contender for the presidency of the U.S. would bar war refugee status based on someone's religion. And the suggestion by GOP candidate Ben Carson that the U.S. bar all Syrian refugees for fear that a "sleeper" terrorist might slip in is an emotional, and ill-conceived, overreaction, as are pledges by several Republican governors to resist efforts to resettle refugees in their states.
Rolling Stone didn't mince any words, flat out stating that people who didn't want Syrian refugees were racist, Nazi trolls:
Those were the open extremists, of course, the ones who put hashtags like #WhiteGenocide in their Twitter bios; I saw at least one Hitler photo as an avatar. But whether they were open with their Nazi sympathies or more subtle, one thing was clear: The white-rights crowd does not want Syrian refugees – refugees who are fleeing the very kind of terrorism we saw in Paris last week – to be allowed into the United States. They expressed, in no uncertain terms, that they oppose allowing foreign – and brown! – refugees to come to Europe and America, and they're using the fear of terrorism in the wake of the Paris attacks to spread their racist message.
  I do have a question for all of these liberals, though.  Actually two questions.  The first question is, knowing what we know, and seeing the death and destruction wrought in Paris, how is it racist to make sure we protect our citizens first?  The second question, if we do let in unfettered numbers of Syrian refugees and there is a terror attack perpetrated by one or more of them, who takes the blame for it?

I'd be interested in hearing the answers.
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