Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fascist Kiddies Demand Safe Spaces

Trigger Warning:
Get to your safe place, stat!
I've said it before and I'll say it again-college is very different from when I was a young pup.  Where students were once worried about passing exams, graduating, and finding a decent job, they're now concerned with racism, sexism, and all the other -isms.  In fact they're so concerned they've taken to protesting and demanding safe spaces where they don't have to listen to other points of view.

Here's a little video of some protests at Yale, in which students literally deride a professor for attempting to create an intellectual space:
The message is loud and clear: professors are not to challenge students or make them think.  They are there to parrot the students' beliefs, and support them in everything.  It's not about an intellectual space, it's about a HOME.

Our next video comes from the most infamous round of protests going on right now.  The students at the University of Missouri have become so incensed with the treatment they have received that the university president and chancellor have been forced to step down.  Of course the media arrived to cover the protests, and were promptly bullied and turned away.  Even the professors got in on the act, with a "journalism" professor calling for some "muscle" to remove journalists from a "safe space":
It's easy for us normal people to sneer at these kiddies and dismiss them.  "Just wait till these fuckers get into the real world," we cry.  The common, and sensible opinion is that all of their "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings" won't protect them when they graduate college.  There's not one employer out there who would seriously entertain any of their complaints.

Except we're largely ignoring one simple fact: many of these kids won't be entering the real world.  Most of these social justice warriors will find work in politics, or teaching, or journalism.  Or any number of professions where this kind of behavior would be tolerated.  Not just tolerated, but celebrated as "diversity."  These kiddies will be in the perfect position to actually teach this crap to the next generation.  Just imagine these protesters being in a position to actually write laws that enforce their ideals!

What about the ones who actually do enter the workforce?  The real world is going to smack them upside the head with a sledgehammer and set them straight, right?  Not necessarily.  The first time a social justice warrior feels their safe space has been violated they're going to sue.  They'll run to a sympathetic media, and the whole thing will be blown up into a huge PR mess for the unfortunate company.  It's not hard to imagine such a lawsuit igniting a firestorm that spreads throughout the country.  It'll be much easier, and cheaper, for companies to just go along with it.

So yeah, we can make fun of these morons.  But we would be idiots to dismiss them and the danger they pose to a free society.

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