Monday, November 9, 2015

1 + 1 = Square...Because Potato...

Trigger Warning:
Now solve for Fries..
Oh Common Core, you're the set of national education standards that people love to hate.  Your standards are ridiculous, your math problems are bad and you should feel bad, and you've caused more than one teacher to quit the jobs they love out of frustration.  There have been many acts of rebellion against the insanity that is Common Core, but none quite so epic as 6-year-old Dash.  Yahoo! News has the story:
Six-year-old Dash correctly answered on his worksheet that “Bobby,” who has four dimes, has more money than “Amy,” who has 30 pennies. But when he jotted down his response to the next question, “How do you know? Show your thinking,” the brainy boy didn’t use numbers. He sketched a picture of himself scratching his head, with a thought bubble and the answer inside of it. “This is why my kid is going places,” the boy’s mom captioned a photo of the assignment, which she shared on Reddit Wednesday. As for how many people agree, you do the math: The photo on imgur has been viewed a stunning 5.5 million times.
I mean really, what more is there to say?  That's about as epic of a response you can get.  And it came from a kid who's freaking 6 years old!  I know plenty of adults that would be hard pressed to think of something half as clever.

Oh, and if you're wondering what kind of grade Dash got you needn't worry.  His teacher ended up taking the answer and he scored a whopping 100%.

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