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Why do Lefties Run GOP Debates? The Answer is Simple... - UPDATED

Trigger Warning:
The Mainstream Media makes me sad ; ;
So full disclosure: I didn't watch the GOP debate last night.  Between chasing after a toddler and getting dinner ready, I was pretty much spent by the time the main event rolled around.  I have been reading a lot of the coverage this morning, though.  Pretty much everything I've heard about the GOP debate last night has been bad.  Seems that just about everyone on all sides agrees the CNBC GOP debate was probably the most horribly moderated debate ever.  Yahoo! News has the story:

At the conclusion of the two-hour event in Boulder, Colorado, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus derided the moderators and their questions - an unusual move for the leader of the party that sanctioned the event for candidates seeking the party's nomination for the November 2016 election.

"While I was proud of our candidates and the way they handled tonight’s debate, the performance by the CNBC moderators was extremely disappointing and did a disservice to their network, our candidates, and voters,” Priebus said in a statement. “Our diverse field of talented and exceptionally qualified candidates did their best to share ideas for how to reinvigorate the economy and put Americans back to work despite deeply unfortunate questioning from CNBC.”
That's a pretty polite way of saying "you guys sucked ass" I think.  At least that's the harshest criticism I've heard Priebus levy at anything other than the conservative base.

Aleister over at Legal Insurrection openly wondered just what the RNC expected out of the event:

You know who else should be ashamed? Reince Priebus.
 What did he think was going to happen? Did he think John Harwood and CNBC were going to be fair to Republicans? Agreeing to the network, venue and moderators were stupid mistakes.
 He then went on to ask whether or not the GOP would ever use moderators that weren't open leftists.  It's a fair question, and it's one that nearly every Republican and conservative has asked pretty much every election cycle since...well since we've had a mainstream media.  The GOP has had very few debates moderated by the mainstream media that have been fair.  For the most part the moderators are either openly hostile or snarky and superior.  Gotcha questions are very common, candidates are given very little time to respond, and the moderators seem to love tripping them up.

So why does the GOP do it?  Why do they keep having these debates moderated by the likes of CNN, CNBC, or (gasp) MSNBC?  Why is it that we have the likes of Andrea Mitchell and John Harwood questioning our candidates?  Where's Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, or Rush Limbaugh?

The answer is quite simple, really.  The GOP establishment, for the most part, is concerned with ruling rather than governing by the will of the people.  Need proof? Just look at Obamacare.  First they needed the House to get rid of it.  Then they needed the Senate.  They got both, and did absolutely fuck all with them.

So if the GOPe wants to rule what's the surest way to get there?  Simply put, they make nice with the people to get elected.  The GOPe believes two things about the voting public; one, independents are the key to winning, and two, the country leans left.  That's why you see them sneering at conservatives and actively working against them in many cases.  The GOPe is convinced they can't win unless they lurch to the left.  What does that give us?  A squishy leadership that's more concerned with not causing a shutdown than actually leading.  We also get horrible presidential candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney, and (they hope) Jeb Bush.

The GOPe has convinced themselves that the media is key to everything.  It's not that far a leap, really.  The media still shapes opinions for a large portion of the country.  Stands to reason that the coveted independents would be most influenced by them.  So the GOPe makes nice with the media as best they can.  They go on their shows, they give them access they want, and they let them moderate their debates.  The GOPe figures the nicer they are to the media the more they will like them, and hence the better their image will be in the public's eye.  Like an abused spouse the GOPe thinks "this is it. This time things will be different. They really love me."

Except it never is different.  The media absolutely loathes the GOPe, no matter how far to the left they go.  In their mind, the GOP and everything associated with them is evil.  The GOPe is the enemy, and a particularly stupid one at that.  So the media uses their access to taunt and humiliate the GOPe at every turn.  They spring horrendous gotcha questions in interviews.  They turn debates into sideshows.  They do all of this with the approval of the Democrat Party.

Can things change?  Of course it can.  The GOP has to get leadership in there that is willing and able to have a fight, though.  The GOP needs a leadership that understands they can never, ever, get the media on their side on anything.  The GOP needs a leadership that actually has some principals beyond just winning and controlling the money.

Will things change?  Well, that's the million dollar question, now, isn't it?

UPDATE: John Kasich has apparently proven my theory.  He's "very appreciative" of the CNBC moderators.

From Allahpundit over at HotAir: John Kasich: I'm very appreciative of the fine job done by those CNBC moderators.

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