Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Star Wars: The Binks Awakens

Trigger Warning
Don't say mesa didn't warn ya!
So full disclosure on a couple of things here.  First of all, yes this is an obligatory Star Wars post.  Why? Because it's friggin STAR WARS, man!  It's the last shot of the franchise to redeem itself after three absolutely horrible movies.  It's only natural that every blog out there would have at least one post about it.  Hell, I think it's pretty much been codified into law at this point.

Second, I absolutely loathe, hate, and despise Jar Jar Binks.  He was a poor attempt at throwing some comedy relief into a movie that really had no need of it.  As far as Star Wars characters go he's worse than ewoks.  I would be completely happy if the opening scene of the new movie was Naboo being bombed into oblivion, and Jar Jar being skinned and then beheaded by Boba Fett.

That being said, this is about the most hilarious trailer adaptation I've ever seen...

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