What is Trigger Warning?

Trigger Warning-A Conservative Powerhouse

Trigger Warning will become a powerhouse for conservative thought and innovation.  We will become the envy of the Big Dogs out there.  Progressives and GOP establishment types alike will wail and gnash their teeth at the very mention of Trigger Warning.  Right wing pundits will nod sagely as they read our ideas.  Trigger Warning will be on the lips of every major talk radio personality.  We will become the conservative voice of the people.  That voice will be loud, proud, and it will be heard.  By God will it be heard.
A lofty goal to be sure, but one that is absolutely possible.  All it takes is, faith, hard work, and a little help from you.
Trigger Warning is a place for you to make your voice heard, ladies and gentlemen.  It's a place to express your creativity.  In short, this is YOUR site.  Share your opinions.  Share your news.  Share your videos.  Share whatever you want.  Trigger Warning will be proof that no one can silence us.
All we need is you, ladies and gentlemen.  With your help we will become mighty.  We will do the impossible.  And no one will be able to stop us.
No one.


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