Saturday, June 10, 2017

Traitor And Leaker Reality Winner Has A Sad

Slam down a can of Liberal Tears Energy Drink, because it's time for today's Micro-Aggression from Trigger Warning Radio.

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Alleged leaker and traitor Reality Leigh Winner is sad, ladies and gentlemen.   After being outed as having leaked classified documents for an online expose published by The Insight, Reality Winner is shaking in her tarnished military boots.  Reality Winner is terrified that there is a real chance that the Trump administration will "make an example of her."  She doesn't think she'll make it to her trial.  Reality Winner is convinced that the Trump administration will simply make her disappear.

Reality Winner's fear, while unfounded and completely irrational, is understandable when you see her for who she actually is.  Winner is your typical Millenial, thoroughly indoctrinated into the cult of the Left.  Look at her social media accounts for the proof.  While Winner's parents try to paint a picture of a kind-hearted, patriotic veteran, her social media accounts portray the exact opposite.  Reality Winner's online persona is a young woman filled with hatred for both Donald Trump and the American values of democracy.  Values that she supposedly served to protect.  I daresay that Reality Winner would find herself right at home in Berkely setting a few dumpsters on fire.  Or in the middle of an Antifa rally smacking Trump supporters in the head with a bike lock.

Reality Winner should be afraid, but not of being disappeared by Donald Trump.  Reality Winner should be afraid because she's facing a VERY lengthy stay in a federal pound me in the ass prison.  Reality Winner should be afraid because her life as she knew it is about to be over.  The only one she has to blame for this is herself.

Let that be a lesson to leakers everywhere.  Your days are numbered, and you WILL face the iron hand of justice.

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