Thursday, June 8, 2017

#JamesComey Illustrates How Sick America Is

Kick the tires and light the fires.  It's time for your daily microaggression from Trigger Warning Radio.

James Comey testified before Congress today regarding the investigation into the nothing burger that is the Trump campaign's collusion with the Russians.  Comey's testimony was treated as a massive media event.  Easily the equal to the Oscars or the circle jerk that is the White House Correspondent's dinner.  While there were many interesting tidbits of information revealed by Comey the most interesting item is one that I haven't heard mentioned anywhere.  Namely the fact that James Comey has shown us just how sick America has become.

James Comey testified that Obama's AG Loretta Lynch pressured him to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server as a "matter."  Comey never tells us why exactly, but we can assume it was to keep Hillary Clinton from looking bad.  Comey by his own admission had a seemingly huge problem with this.  He felt it was misleading, and stated that Lynch's request made him feel "queasy."  James Comey, desperate for a way to save the reputation of the FBI as well as the DOJ, decided to refuse to cover for Hillary Clinton by going rogue and...providing cover for Hillary Clinton?

Unfortunately Comey's actions had the opposite effect.  By laying out Hillary Clinton's crimes chapter and verse and then refusing to recommend prosecution, Comey has shown America that there are indeed two justice systems-one for the elites, and one for everyone else.  Any normal person who did what Clinton had done would have been thrown in jail.  In fact it's worth pointing out that people HAVE been thrown in jail for similar crimes.  Comey's testimony today further served to cement the notion that the United States of America is no better than any third-world banana republic.  Eight years of Obama and his cronies running the country has seen to that.

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