Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's #BasketOfDeplorables Takes to Twitter

Trigger Warning:
It was the deplorables I tell you! THE DEPLORABLES!
Oh my.  It looks like Hillary Clinton has finally had her Romney-esque 47%, "binders full of women" moment.  Hillary was at a fundraiser where she rather incoherently declared that half of Donald Trump's followers could be placed into a "basket of deplorables."

Trump supporters naturally didn't take too kindly to the insult, no matter how incoherent and rambling it was.  They took to Twitter to voice their opinions, and before you know it #BasketOfDeplorables was trending.
That's right, own it girlfriend!  Turn it back on Hillary and make it a positive.
It's important to keep your deplorables separate from your whites.
Real question is are they part of the ones Hillary deems redeemable?
I say let them keep the smaller basket.  Why waste a good basket on trash?
It WOULD be more honest of her...but this is Hillary Clinton we're talking about.
That's right, know your place you terrible, irredemable, DEPLORABLE racist!
There's that vaunted liberal tolerance I keep hearing so much about.
I keep hearing from liberals how Donald Trump needs to disavow the racists that support him.  What about Hillary Clinton?  Has she disavowed the KKK leader who donated $20,000?  Has she backtracked on her mentor, KKK official Robert Byrd? 
I wonder if Ambassador Stevens was in Hillary Clinton's #BasketOfDeplorables.
A common trend has been Trump supporters actually owning and embracing the #BasketOfDeplorables label.
I like that last one.
Can't argue with that.
Sorry, but the only thing that's objectively true about the #BasketOfDeplorables is that it will be remembered for many years.
I suspect, though, that isn't what Hillary was going for.

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