Sunday, August 28, 2016

#Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Accused of Anti-Semitism

Trigger Warning:
$5 says he's compared to Goebbels by the end of the day...
Donald Trump's new campaign CEO, former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon, finds himself in a bit of hot water today.  According to an ex-wife he's kind of an anti-Semitic asshole:
The ex-wife of Donald Trump's new campaign chief executive Steve Bannon claims Bannon made anti-Semitic comments while the couple fought over which private school to send their daughters to nearly a decade ago.

The allegations — which came to light amid scrutiny over the appointment of Breitbart News head Bannon to Trump campaign CEO —were made in a sworn declaration by the ex-wife in a 2007 court filing.

The court declaration was filed in the midst of a contentious divorce battle between them that lasted 10 years. The divorce was initiated in 1997, but disagreements over schooling choices for the couple's twin girls brought them back to court a decade later.

One of many documents related to the divorce case, the declaration sought tuition assistance and other child support for the couple's daughters.
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The same ex-wife also made some domestic violence allegations against Bannon back in 1996.  The police never investigated the incident, however.

Personally I would take the story with a grain of salt.  Divorces are often VERY contentious, and hard feelings can linger on years later.  The media will, of course, attempt to make political hay out of this regardless of any sort of reality.  After all, how can they pass up painting the new leader of Trump's campaign as a violent anti-Semite?

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