Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Big Fish

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Oh my, it seems that an even bigger fish has its eyes set on Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump:
A few changes I would make, here:

1. The Kasich fish needs to be eating something.  After all, we've seen how John Kasich loves taking YUGE bites of food in front of the press.

2. Keep the MSM fish the same size.  Turn the Trump fish into a fisherman instead.  We all know Trump plays the media like the devil playing a gold fiddle.  If anything Donald Trump says something outrageous to hook the media, then reels them in and reaps the free coverage.

Love the little Hillary Clinton leaching off the media fish.  That's her to a tee.
Just look at that leech-like cackle...
Original Post: Branco Cartoon - Jaws

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