Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Trumpers Living in Fear at NYU

Trigger Warning:
Hiding in the shadows from the "tolerant" Left.
Progressives are the most tolerant people on the planet.  We know this because progressives tell us how tolerant they are all the freaking time.  Progressives are so tolerant, in fact, that Donald Trump supporters at NYU are fearing for their safety:
NYU’s pro-Trump students fear for their safety — and grades.

They may be flooding caucus rooms across the country, but Donald Trump supporters at NYU keep their heads down, mouths shut and their correspondence secret.

Lying in class about their political beliefs and keeping online conversations strictly private are typical precautions taken by The Donald’s badly outnumbered followers on campus.

“Supporters generally try to keep it hidden from the rest of the student body,” said junior Dylan Perera, 22. “They’re afraid of losing friends, being ridiculed in class, getting worse grades and are even afraid of being assaulted and physically hurt.”

The computer-science major from LA said he was verbally accosted by a student who had asked about his affiliation.

“She freaked out and started yelling and screaming in my face, calling me a racist and a fascist. It was impossible to even have a conversation,” he said.
Read the whole article.  There are more examples that are just dripping with progressive tolerance.

I wish I could say this was surprising, but it really isn't.  Over the last few years we've seen many examples of just how tolerant campus progressives are when faced with people who disagree with them.  It doesn't matter whether it's speakers questioning liberal dogma, student reporters trying to film leftist rallies, or Donald Trump supporters.  Time and again progressives prove that they don't want any sort of debate or discussion.  You WILL toe the party line.  Anyone who doesn't will be destroyed.

I wonder how long before progressives begin to purge those who disagree with them.

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  1. I've been thinking of doing a post on "The Chalkening" myself. It is very entertaining to see leftists in full Tribal War mode over some chalked words!

    By the way, thanks for the link in your blogroll, I have returned the linkage!

    1. You're welcome, and thank you!

      The whole Chalkening business is hilarious. It's also disturbing, though. These kids have begun to view speech as a personal assault, equally as dangerous and damaging as a physical assault. How long before they decide to react to this "dangerous speech" with violent self-defense?

      I wrote another post last year on how dangerous these little fascists can be here: http://triggerwarningblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/fascist-kiddies-demand-safe-spaces.html

  2. When someone says constantly that they are "X", one can reasonably presume they are just faking it.

    Saw you over at HotGas!

    1. Agreed. These kiddies have used the phrase "I'm offended" to justify silencing their critics. Why listen to other viewpoints when you can shout them down?

      Thanks for stopping by!


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