Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hugh Hewitt Just Makes Sense

Trigger Warning:
And yes, it's about Trump...
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I'm sure most of you out there know conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt.  Hugh and Trump have had a, shall we say, contentious relationship with one another.  Hugh has presented himself as a neutral party in the Republican primary season, and has asked some very pointed, tough questions of all of the candidates in the race.  He hasn't picked on anyone.  Of course whenever he asks Trump a tough question Trump usually responds with an insult of some kind.  It's all par for the course for Hugh, however, and he makes the point over at the Washington Examiner that he doesn't take Donald Trump's attacks personally:
I spent Friday's radio show explaining to incredulous guests that of course I'd support Donald Trump if he is the GOP nominee.
That's right, folks, a man who has spent much of the primary season taking the Donald's barbs and insults would still support him if he's the GOP nominee.  Why you ask?  It's simple, really.  Hugh, like many of us that care about this country, realizes that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be ten times worse than Obama.  At least.  Hugh takes it a step further, though, and lists six reasons why he'll be backing the Donald if he wins the nomination:
The first three are the existing and probable two additional Supreme Court nominations he will get to make. Judges Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor are two fine judges that Trump has mentioned as possible nominees and he made the right commitment on religious liberty to me on stage Thursday night. He won't screw these up. More precisely, it is a lock that Clinton would screw them up and at least a fighting chance he wouldn't.

Fourth, Trump's an honest-to-God builder and he will rebuild the Navy, which must be done. Soon.

Fifth, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will at least think twice before crossing him.

And, finally, sixth: Donald's daughter and Svengali Ivanka is a smart, smart, smart lady with an extraordinary intellect and influence on her father. We get the GOP's own Valerie Jarrett, only this one with a sense of America's role in the world and the same resolve to succeed as Jarrett possesses.
 Read the whole article.  Hugh Hewitt lays out his case with a class and logic that's rarely seen from the #NeverTrump-or the #AlwaysTrump-crowd.  I agree with literally everything he says.

Almost all conservatives recognize that this is an important election.  The question is whether or not we can overcome our prejudices to save our nation (or at least buy some time).  That's not going to happen if we all take our balls and go home when our guy doesn't win.

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