Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All Hitler, All the Time

Trigger Warning:
Worse than Greg Gutfeld...
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Greg Gutfeld took to his show on Fox News to comment on the hot trend of comparing everything we hate to Hitler.  Boy did he have a lot to say on the subject:
Personally I find the whole "Person X is worse than Hitler" argument to be insanely annoying.  There are very, very few people in this world that can be called as bad (or worse) than Hitler.
Here's one...
And another...
Possibly the worst of the bunch...
Comparing someone you hate to Adolf Hitler is the height of intellectual laziness.  You may as well just get up and scream to the world "I hate this person, but I'm so stupid I can't think of a rational argument, so HITLER!!!"
Committing a musical Holocaust. HITLER!
Once you compare someone to Hitler your argument ceases to have any merit.  Anyone who actually pays attention to anything will instantly discount your point of view.  Most of those who don't pay attention to anything except Kim Kardashian's ass will get pissed off.  Why?  Because you're interrupting TMZ to make an idiotic comparison.  What does that leave you with?  A small core of random mouth-breathers that are just as dumb as you are.  You know what you'll accomplish then?  Jack Shit, and even Jack sees just how fucking stupid you are.
Just look at that goatee...just like Hitler.
You want to change the course of rhetoric here in America?  Stop comparing everything to Hitler.  Start actually doing some research and crafting some coherent arguments.  Maybe, just maybe, people will start to actually take your positions seriously.
His suit is brown! BROWN! Just like Hitler!
Personally, I'm going to take Greg Gutfeld's advice.  From this moment on I will compare everything to him.
Kanye West, worse than Greg Gutfeld.
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