Tuesday, February 23, 2016

OMG Trump Supporters Are So Mean!

Trigger Warning:
Conservatives are so mean!
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So Chelsea is, like, a Bernie Sanders supporter.  And she was, like, running a phone bank for, like, Bernie Sanders that was, like, calling people on, like, Saturday and stuff.  Anyway her phone bank was, like, calling people in, like, the South and stuff.  And...um...the Trump supporters were, like, really mean and stuff...and...um...I can't really describe it.  I think we should, like, let Chelsea tell us in, like, her own words and stuff:
First of all, I'd like to apologize to everyone out there.  I really should have warned you to turn down your volume.  Chelsea's voice is extremely high-pitched and grating to the point where I had the volume in the player turned all the way down.  On the other hand, though, I had to suffer through it so so do you!

Secondly, come on, Chelsea, what did you think would happen?  You're cold-calling people and asking to talk to them about politics.  Sure these people may have been on a list of some kind, but that means absolutely nothing.  People are assholes when telemarketers call them asking them to buy something.  People are even bigger assholes when someone calls them up and asks them to support a political candidate that they may strongly disagree with.  Asking them to change their minds, or worse, telling them they're wrong, is not going to endear you to them.

I suspect, Chelsea, that volunteering on the phone banks may not be the best place for you.  It's obvious that these mean, horrible, conservative Trump supporters hurt you deeply.  They obviously disagreed with you.  They may have even told you that you were wrong for supporting a septuagenarian socialist who wants to tax the rich at least 73%.  Clearly that upset you enough that you felt the need to cry in front of a webcam in the wee hours of the...early evening?  It's clear that you have a passion (well, motivation at least) to stump for Bernie.  You just need a safe space to do it in.  Might I suggest the nearest college campus?  Slap on a Bernie button, wear a #BlackLivesMatter Limited Edition Saint Trayvon Martin Hoodie (TM), and you'll be all set.  Bonus, you won't have to deal with any of those nasty conservatives anymore.

A parting note: notice how she says that it was ONLY the conservatives and the Trump supporters that were mean?  All of the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters were, like, totes super-nice and stuff.  There's been some speculation in the comments in the actual video that Chelsea just did this for attention.

I'm thinking they might have a point.

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