Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hillary's Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Trigger Warning:
She's laughing because she's dead inside...
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Man oh man, Hillary Clinton has had herself a really tough week.  It seems like nothing has gone right for her ever since she lost New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders.  First there was the campaign rally where Hillary quite literally barked like a dog:
Oh dear.  We all know everything Hillary Clinton does on the campaign trail is heavily scripted.  That means a staffer (or several staffers) put this on paper and said to themselves "yup, Hillary's going to bark like a dog, and it's going to be EPIC."  Even worse, Hillary Clinton herself signed off on this.  Why in the hell did anyone think this was a good idea?  Seriously, people.

Hillary's horrible week didn't stop there, though.  Next up came a panel discussion on MSNBC's Morning Joe.  While MSNBC is usually friendly for Mrs. Clinton, this time the panel was of the opinion that her campaign was a "trainwreck:"
 Joe Scarborough asked why Hillary Clinton's campaign has gotten worse since 2008.  Could it be that she's just not a good politician?

Finally, we come to the Clinton/Sanders town hall that was hosted by MSNBC just a few days ago.  I'm not going to say anything about this clip.  Just watch it:
Did you catch that?  Hillary Clinton called Bernie Sanders a liar, and GOT BOOED FOR IT!  This is on MSNBC, again almost always a friendly venue for Hillary.  That either speaks to the depth of support for Bernie, or for the abject hatred that many Democrats feel for Hillary.  Either way, that's gotta hurt.

Luckily for Hillary she managed to end the terrible week on a bit of a high note.  Hillary managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Nevada, beating out Bernie by 5 points.  What no one is really talking about, though, is that Hillary shouldn't have had to fight as hard as she has this primary season.  The Democrat party nomination was supposed to be hers.  Hillary was supposed to be able to just waltz into the Democrat convention, claim her birthright, and move onto the general election.  Then this socialist upstart Bernie Sanders came along and nearly ruined everything.  Hell, he could still potentially ruin everything.  That has to be galling for Hillary.

Whatever happens this primary season, it's clear that it's going to be a long, hard road for Hillary Clinton.

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