Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Can't Be Bought...Apparently

Trigger Warning:
Such a comedian
Hillary Clinton made an appearance on "CBS This Morning" a few weeks ago, during which the anchorette interviewing her asked her to respond to charges that Bernie Sanders has made about her being in Wall Street's pocket.  Hillary's response was pretty much bog standard, but it's the reaction of the news anchors that makes this interview noteworthy.  Here's the clip from the Washington Free Beacon:
So Hillary Clinton gives a pretty nondescript answer about how she's not for sale, she can't be bought...and the news anchors LAUGH at her!  Hillary for her part doesn't respond to the laughter or give any indication that she even heard it (she may not have), but damn, that's gotta hurt.  Most voters already associate Hillary Clinton with dishonesty, and having two news anchors guffaw at her assertion that she's not for sale can't help that image at all.  

Why are these news anchors laughing?  Because Hillary Clinton's assertion that she isn't in anyone's pocket IS laughable.  There's a veritable mountain of evidence out there showing that yes, Hillary Clinton DID in fact sell her influence to the highest bidder when she was Secretary of State.  Hell all anyone needs to do to confirm this is just type "Hillary Clinton sold influence" into Google.  You'll be greeted with several articles from reputable sources detailing all her shady deals during her tenure, including the infamous "Uranium One Deal" in which the Russians gained control of a large portion of our uranium supply after donating to the Clinton Foundation.

I really hope the GOP takes advantage of this and throws this little clip into some attack ads.  You wouldn't even need to do much work, really.  Just punch up the volume on the laughter, maybe slap an 80s sitcom laugh track on it, and you're good to go.

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