Sunday, February 21, 2016

Around the Net: Russians Use Obama in Anti-Smoking Ad

Trigger Warning:
Don't be like Obama...

"Around the Net" is a new feature that I figured I'd start.  Each day I'll post at least one interesting article that I found somewhere on the web.  Said articles could be from any source-other blogs, online magazines, news services, etc.  Basically anything that I find interesting I'll share with you fine folks.

First up is a quick little post from Legal Insurrection.  It seems that Russian advertisers have taken to using Obama as an example of what NOT to do in some anti-smoking PSAs:
Last year there was some speculation that Obama was smoking again–after having quit, he says, because his wife scared him into it.   Whether he is still smoking or not, a Russian advertiser has decided to use the American president’s smoking habit in his or her latest anti-smoking ad campaign.

The tagline:  “Don’t be like Obama.”
Full article: Russian Anti-Smoking Ad: "Don't Be Like Obama"

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