Thursday, January 21, 2016

Twits Hate Trump - Trumpy Woman

Trigger Warning:
Trumpy woman, walkin down the street...
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Well folks if you haven't heard by now Donald Trump picked up a YUGE endorsement.  Sarah Palin came out as the Donald's biggest supporter at an event in Ames, IA on Tuesday.  Not only does this endorsement give Donald Trump some more pull with conservatives, it bolsters his street cred with evangelicals.  Sarah Palin has made a lot of contacts in the rather large evangelical community in Iowa over the years, and some feel her endorsement could put Donald Trump over the top with them.

Of course Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump is also one giant, honking troll to pretty much everyone out there.  There's lots of hate for Palin on both sides of the aisle.  We also can't forget how badly the media has savaged her every chance they've gotten.  The most egregious example of this was the relentless shaming of disabled toddler Trig Palin that took place several years ago.  

Keeping all that in mind, I wanted to know just what the people thought of Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump.  Would the rabid, irrational hatred of Donald Trump be amped up to super insanely ridiculous levels?  Would people even care?  I delved once again into that deep, dark pit of despair that is the Twitterverse to find out.  Here's a sampling of what I managed to dig up.
Oh I'm sure you can think of bigger jokes out there...
A one-term senator struts into the White House...
Big talk coming from someone with a picture of a white girl for an avatar.
So she's like, the Optimus Prime of idiots?
That's right, us conservatives are coming for you next!  Hide your welfare checks, hide your illegal alien relatives!
If you can't tell if that makes sense you're either smoking too much weed or not enough.
Ah, disabled jokes.  This is how you show the world you're a serious comedian.
Why choose?  Irrational hatred can apply to everyone equally!
I would point out the the two events have nothing to do with each other...but Palin Derangement Syndrome knows no logic.
I hate talking about idiots, but my God have you noticed how they all start out their political posts by saying "I hate talking about politics?"

Oddly enough that's where the Twitter hate stopped, at least where Donald Trump and Sarah Palin were concerned.  Why?  Did the Twitterverse genuinely not care about Sarah Palin's endorsement?  Is Sarah Palin no longer big news?  Or is it possible that Twitter is all Trumped out, and Sarah Palin's endorsement caused an overload which sent twits into a temporary stasis?  We can't be entirely sure, but this is a development that certainly bears watching.

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