Questioning the Donald Trump Terror Recruiting Video - Updated

Trigger Warning:
Rush was right.
Hillary Clinton made something of an outrageous claim at the last Democratic debate a few weeks ago.  She claimed that ISIS had been showing videos of Donald Trump as a recruiting tool.  Of course that flat out wasn't true, and numerous members of the media surprisingly called her out on it.

A few days later Rush Limbaugh had this to say on the whole issue:
Anyway, so there will be a video, you watch, a recruitment video of the Trump comments, and it will be claimed to be legit, but here you have David "Rodham" Gergen and Erin Burnett practically urging ISIS to do it in order to help Hillary and you just know that the Hillary campaign is gonna do it on their own without getting any advice.  And I still fall back on this silly idea, the idea that all it takes to turn a peaceful Muslim into a raging self-immolating bombing jihadist is to show him or her a videotape of Donald Trump suggesting a moratorium on Muslim entry to the US.  I mean, how peaceful can it be if that's all it takes?  And that's what Hillary is saying.
Rush's comment came in response to a sound bite he had played in which CNN anchors David Gerghan and Erin Burnett asking if an ISIS video involving Donald Trump was in the works.  Essentially David Gerghan had asked if ISIS was going to "make one real quick and get it out there?"  To which Burnett responded "I mean, they absolutely could."

Hmm, sure does sound like they were hoping against hope for an ISIS video that would vindicate Hillary Clinton.

Flash forward to Saturday, January 2nd, where the Al Qaeda affiliated group Al Shabab released this:
Well, well, well.  It seems Rush Limbaugh was absolutely right.  They made record time, too, seeing as how it hasn't even been two weeks since Hillary Clinton's widely - panned assertion.

The mainstream media, of course, is doing nothing but talking about Donald Trump ' starring role.  They're completely ignoring the fact that, hey, Hillary Clinton appears in the video too.  That's not surprising since the media is pretty much in the tank for Hillary.  It's only natural that they'd be positively orgasmic over something that confirmed one of her statements.

The timing of all of this is highly suspicious.  Hillary Clinton says ISIS is using Donald Trump to recruit, and then not even two weeks later an Al Qaeda affiliate releases a video doing exactly that?

I want to know if the video has been independently verified.  Not by our intelligence services, mind you.  I have no doubt Obama would order a fake "verified" video if it would hurt the Republicans.  I want outside experts to look at this video and determine it's authenticity.  Why?  Because it's not out of the realm of possibility that Hillary Clinton would fake a video to hurt Donald Trump.  She may not have ordered it herself, but I can see a few of Hillary Clinton's underlings putting something together and releasing it to the media as authentic.

Of course the media wouldn't bother to verify such a video.  Why would they?  This is something that could boost Hillary and take down Donald Trump.  The media wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, they'd simply run with it and repeat it over and over again.  Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

Think I'm just being paranoid?  We already know that Hillary Clinton is an absolutely corrupt politician who will easily lie, cheat, and steal to get what she wants.  Is it really so far-fetched that she would fake a terrorist recruiting video?

We need to be the ones to ask these questions, because we can be damn well sure the media won't.


One of my Twitter followers questioned why we should even care about this video.  There are so many other things that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are guilty of.  Why should this matter at all?  It's a valid question, and one which I'm going to answer for you.

There are two reasons why this video needs to be investigated:
  1. An independently verified, fake video would speak to the absolute and utter ruthlessness of Hillary Clinton's character.  Most Americans already distrust Hillary Clinton, but few know just how corrupt and scheming she can actually be.  A fake terrorist recruiting video produced by the Hillary campaign (or at least with the blessing of it) would illustrate her character perfectly.  A smart GOP candidate, whoever that might be, would run attack ads to this effect as well.  Make sure the public knows that the video is fake.  Make sure that they know that it was Hillary Clinton that produced it.  Ask the public if Hillary was willing to use terrorists to try and win the presidency, what else would she be capable of?  That question would be on the minds of many Americans as they headed to the polls in November.  Might it be enough to tip the scales in the GOP's favor?  Perhaps.
  2. This terrorist recruiting video will be played endlessly in the general election.  No matter who wins the GOP primary.  Democrats at all levels will point to the video as conclusive proof that Republican hate-mongering is dangerous.  Of course they'll conveniently gloss over the fact that Hillary herself appears in the same video, just like the media has done so.  This could be a very effective method of attack, especially among the low information voter crowd.  That's something that can't be ignored.  After all, it was low information voters who put Obama into power.  Twice.  Again the video becomes something that could easily tip the balance, but this time in favor of the Democrats.  Verifying that the video is fake, and/or produced by Hillary Clinton removes a lot of its power.  It's no longer a hard cudgel used to beat the Republicans into submission.  Instead it becomes something of a wet noodle-a minor annoyance.
The 2016 election cycle is absolutely critical.  This is where America gets to decide if it will reverse the damage that Obama has done, or if we'll have four more years of the same damn thing.  It's tempting to just ignore things that seem like non-issues.  We can't afford to do that this season, however.  Even the smallest issues can be blown up into a raging inferno that can engulf the entire nation.  We ignore the little things only at our peril.

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