Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Leftist Twits Hide Behind Kids on Gun Control

Trigger Warning:
"What the hell is gun control?" "I don't know, but mom said she'd buy me a toy if I held this sign."
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There's two things that Democrats love in this world-the ever-expanding power of government, and using children to score political points.  President Obama did both of those on Tuesday when he announced his brand-spanking new gun control measures.  Obama was introduced by Mark Barden, father of one of the Sandy Hook victims.  President Obama teared up visibly when he invoked the victims of Sandy Hook once again during his speech.  No crisis goes to waste in the Obama White House, and the memories of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre were no exception.

It seems the leftist twits all over the Twitterverse aren't shy about hiding behind children either.  Liberals all over social media have been praising Obama for finally doing something "For the Children."  Leftists have also been using "For the Children" as a cudgel to beat over the heads of conservatives.

I've delved once again into the cesspool that is the liberal side of Twitter, and collected just a sample of the pro-gun control, "For the Children" tweets that I've found.  All for your entertainment of course.
See, it isn't that we're mocking Obama for tearing up over dead children.  We're mocking him because he's pretending to be sincere about it.  We all know it's just to score a few political points.
Ah yes, the ever popular "you'd feel different if it were YOUR kids!"  I think they're trying to come off as threatening.  Strikes me as more than a little funny coming from a liberal who would probably wilt at the first sign of a gun.
It just wouldn't be a liberal gun control party without someone mentioning Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.  Yes, they were two THUGS that were killed while attempting to kill others.  Feelings don't change facts.
Okay so it isn't a "yay Obama did something For the Children" tweet, but it IS interesting.  Just how many children HAS Obama killed with his drone strikes?
No, what's more fucked up is that people actually believe that Obama was serious.  He doesn't give two shits about murdered children.  He's just using them to score points with the media and his base.
There it is, folks, the real reason why liberals everywhere are invoking Obama crying over dead children.  Obama cares, you see, he cares deeply and truly.  That's why he was weeping.  He's not callously exploiting their memories; he was nearly overcome by sincere emotion.  Why would you make fun of that?  Why would you even question that?  You know what, it's not Obama that has the problem.  YOU are the one with the problem, what with your guns and your "Second Amendment rights" shit.  Only a complete sociopath would make fun of Obama for crying!

Will "For the Children" become the new rallying cry that liberals use to shut down reasonable debate over gun rights?

Well, you'll just have to stay tuned till next time, won't you? 

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