Thursday, January 14, 2016

#AskPOTUS Trends on Twitter

Trigger Warning:
Leave Obama alone!
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Thursday afternoon saw the trending of the #AskPOTUS hashtag on Twitter.  I'm sure President Obama and the White House counted on this being an even-handed exchange of ideas among like-minded peers.  In other words, they hoped and prayed that only Democrats and Obamabots would bother to respond to it.

Unfortunately for Obama Twitter is a much-loved conservative hang out.  We exchange our own ideas with our own peers, post our thoughts, and yes, heckle the ever-living hell out of liberals.  Of course conservatives were drawn to #AskPOTUS like Bill Clinton to a busty intern.  Like Hillary Clinton with that very same intern, Twitter conservatives proceeded to make #AskPOTUS a living nightmare for liberals.  I've collected a few of the best tweets for your amusement.
Good question, especially since we've been hearing Obama wants to bring in as many as 200,000 refugees over the next few years.
Ouch.  Someone call the burn unit!

He is an expert after all...

They don't look very happy with I'd say not great.
Damn, son.
Okay, that's not really a question.   I love Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, though, so it makes the cut.
Umm...yeah I'd like to know that, too.
  They had it coming.
Which one indeed...
Oh you know the answer already.  It's not about saving lives, but controlling them.
Obviously they haven't.  I hope they never do.
Oh, good one.  I had completely forgotten about that drone.
Just think about that and try to sleep tonight.
  Hah!  Are you kidding?  This is just about the most fun you can have on Twitter.  Clearly the Left has not learned their lesson when it comes to Twitter.  Frankly I hope they never do.  One of the greatest things in the world is trolling the hell out of them.

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