Sunday, December 20, 2015

Yes, Liberals, We ARE Bigots

Trigger Warning:
Hateful conservative rant incoming!
I became embroiled in a bit of a discussion on Twitter the other day.  It seems a liberal had taken exception to one of my many posts decrying political correctness.  Specifically, the post I had written about Eujin Jaela Kim, the politically correct tyrant of PS 169.  This liberal, of course, was of the opinion that political correctness was in fact a good thing.  "It's about kindness and respect," they cried.  "What monster could possibly be against respect and kindness?"

Predictably I responded that this was utter and complete garbage.  Political correctness is actually the exact opposite of respect and kindness.  Political correctness is an ideology that demands conformity in thought, word, and deed.  At its core political correctness is about controlling an individual's heart, mind, and eventually soul.  The proponents of political correctness have made it very clear over the years that you will do what they say, say what they say, and think what they think.  Anyone who doesn't act in lockstep with them is mercilessly destroyed.

It was right about this point where the liberal responded as liberals always do.  "YOU'RE A HATEFUL BIGOT!!!!" they screamed.  I wasn't surprised.  Liberals love to throw words like bigot, racist, and homophobe around.  The liberal uses these words as devices to shut down rational debate.  Disagree with the liberal?  You must be bigoted in some way.  Nice people aren't bigoted at all, only evil people are.  Therefore, anyone who is bigoted is evil.  You disagree with the liberal, you are bigoted, you are evil.  Once you become evil the liberal is able to do whatever they want to you with a clear conscience.  

Now the normal reaction of someone who is called bigoted by the liberal is to back down.  "No, no, no, I'm not a bigot, I'm really a good person," the bigoted protests.  The bigoted person begs and pleads, assuring the liberal that their disagreement doesn't come from a place of hate.  Eventually this leads to a stammered apology, and a promise that the bigoted person will try to do better in the future.  The end result is, of course, that the liberal has "won" the argument.

I realized something, though.  Someone who is bigoted is simply biased against a particular group.  Conservatives, as a whole, despise political correctness.  A conservative considers themselves to be someone who values freedom above all else.  The politically active among us would call themselves champions of freedom.  We value many kinds of freedom; religion, assembly, the right to bear arms. The one freedom that we cherish above all others, however, is our freedom of speech.  Conservatives love the fact that we live in a country where we are allowed to think what we want and speak our minds.  We recoil instinctively when people try to take that freedom away.  A conservative has little time or patience for such people, and we routinely resist those who would cram political correctness down our throats.

I did something that the liberal probably didn't expect: I fucking owned that shit.  "Yes, you're right," I told the liberal.  I AM bigoted, and so are my fellow conservatives.  We are bigoted against an ideology that preaches tolerance, yet terrorizes those who are different.  We are bigoted against people that call for understanding, yet routinely deny it to others.  We are bigoted against those who claim to be for free speech, yet silence those who disagree.  We are bigoted against an ideology that claims to value education, yet refuses to allow for any sort of opposing viewpoint.  Conservatives are bigoted against anyone that advocates the destruction of any of the freedoms that we cherish.

The conversation ended with the liberal repeating that I was a hate-filled bigot.  You're goddamn right.  Conservatives hate political correctness in all its forms.  We hate it with the passion of those who know that down that path lies absolute tyranny.  Conservatives will fight the hateful minions of political correctness wherever they rear their ugly heads.

Liberals say we're bigoted.  Damn right we are.  Conservatives are bigoted people, but we're the best kind of bigots.  Conservatives are bigoted against those who would control every aspect of our lives.  We will fight those people to our very last breath.

God help them all.

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