Sunday, December 13, 2015

Twits Hate Trump 2 - The Trumpening

Trigger Warning:
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Donald Trump is making headlines as per usual.  This time the Donald is making waves for stating that Hillary Clinton killed hundreds of thousands as a result of her incompetence as Secretary of State.  While Hillary killing hundreds of thousands may be debatable, the fact that she was grossly incompetent isn't.  I'm not interested in all of that, though.  I'm interested in just how much the men identifying as women and the women identifying as men on the Left hate Donald Trump.  With that in mind I decided to take to Twitter once more to see just what people are saying.

I literally have zero idea what the hell this means.  Seems lie a hate tweet, though, so on the board it goes.
Seems now the Canadians have a petition to ban Donald Trump from their country.  Awfully big talk from the country that gave us Justin Bieber.
Putting text in bold and caps makes it more true.  Or something.
You know, normal people cry into a fifth of scotch while thinking about their life choices.  Just saying.
I'm sensing a few daddy issues.  Not sure why, maybe it's the profile picture.
 What?  Seriously, a rat is where you go to?  That's just ridiculous.  I mean the logistics of being able to sneak up onto the stage with a rat boggle the mind.  To say nothing of how you'd actually get said rat down the Donald's shirt.  Try again.

It's just about time to wrap things up, so here's one final hate tweet (hatweet?) for the road:
What's more tolerant than banning someone who's ideas you disagree with?  Literally almost anything.  Of course when the Left preaches tolerance what they really mean is "you are evil as hell if you don't agree with me."

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