Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Marco Rubio Plus Star Wars Equals Hell Yeah!

Trigger Warning:
Star Wars gets political.
Andrew Varvel is a YouTuber who, by his own admission, is excited about two things: Star Wars, and Marco Rubio.  What's the only logical course of action he could possibly take?  Put the two together in a Star Wars/Rubio crossover video, of course:
Original link to the video here: Star Wars- Marco Rubio Crossover

We can quibble over whether or not Marco Rubio will actually be the next President of the United States (I don't think it's his time, personally).  You have to admit, though, this is a damn good video.  It's not an official campaign video, but it may as well be.  It's got a slick, almost Hollywood quality to it, and the use of old pictures and actual footage is pretty neat.  

The way the narration is timed with the footage is masterful as well.  The audio from the first full trailer for Star Wars Episode 7 is used to very clearly delineate the roles the various candidates are playing.  Rubio is very clearly the Jedi hero, perhaps fulfilling the role of bringing balance back to the force that is this nation.  The rest of the Republican candidates are, perhaps, the Jedi Order itself.  Jeb! is the stormtrooper groomed all of his life for war, but he's forgotten why it is he needs to fight.  Hillary is the heir to the dark side, and the one who will bring the Democrat's plans into horrible fruition.  Han Solo is the old veteran who has personally lived through the stories of greatness.  He believes that glory can be restored, even if the younger generation believes it only exists in stories.

I'm not going to lie, I got actual chills watching this video.  Well done, sir, well done.

H/T to Kemberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection: Marco Rubio Gets The Star Wars Treatment

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