Monday, December 21, 2015

Breaking: Senator Everyone Forgot About Drops Out of GOP Race

Trigger Warning:
Lindsey who?
You may or may not remember that Senator Lindsey Graham was among one of the many contenders for the GOP nomination.  In fact I'm willing to bet you don't remember it; no one else seemed to.  Well Politico reports that Lindsey Graham has now officially suspended his campaign for the GOP nomination:
His announcement came on the same day as the deadline hit for him to remove his name from the South Carolina primary ballot, a date that had been closely watched amid speculation that the low-polling Graham would want to avoid a potentially poor performance in his own state’s contest.
“I was hoping not to have to make this call, but I think the time has come for me to suspend my campaign,” he said as he opened the call.
The latest RealClearPolitics national poll had Lindsay Graham at 0.5%, and he had frequently been at 0%.  On the debate scene Graham was repeatedly shuffled off into the under card debate with the rest of the, ahem, losers. 

It's not surprising that Lindsey Graham is suspending his campaign.  There isn't much option when your average is essentially the margin of error.  Hell if you look up the phrase "margin of error" on Wikipedia you'd probably see Graham's picture (if not you should).  Pretty much the only thing Graham was known for was his fiery rhetoric against Donald Trump.  Really I don't think any conservatives are going to shed a tear over Lindsey Graham's departure.  He earned the nickname "Grahamnesty" for a reason.

Buh-bye Senator Lindsey Graham.  Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. 

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