Monday, November 2, 2015

GIF Me a Break!

 Trigger Warning:
Beware the Gay Ides of March...
So I'm sure most of you have seen the following GIF cross your Facebook feeds the last few months:

 Obviously the person posting this image is shouting to the world their support of gay rights.  Our lonely Facebook social justice warrior knows that such a position is deeply unpopular.  Hell they might infuriate their friends to the point that they unfriend them.  It's all okay, though.  What's love compared to the world seeing your lunch selfies or your love of lolcats?

Please.  Does anyone really believe that garbage?  We live in a day and age where people for the most part really don't care if someone is gay.  Hell most of the country supports gay marriage.  Even if they don't, there's much bigger fish to fry in the public consciousness.  Two of the most pressing issues in the presidential primary at the moment are ISIS and illegal immigration.  Gay rights simply isn't on the radar for most Americans.

Speaking of gay marriage, that's now the law of the land.  SCOTUS has waved it's magic wand and made it so.  Oh they may not have the power to do so, but that didn't stop them!  Besides, it's not like Congress is going to do anything about it.

You want to know what's really an unpopular belief?  Traditional values.  These days it seems like anyone who supports things like the traditional definition of marriage is instantly labeled a homophobic bigot.  We've got bakers, photographers, and florists being sued for refusing to cater gay weddings.  These hard-working Americans foolishly thought they would be given the choice of not having to support something that they don't agree with.  Hell, even speculating that they probably wouldn't be able to cater a gay wedding if someone happened to ask them landed a pizza parlor in a whole mess of trouble.  Unfortunately they've learned the hard way that the Gaystapo simply won't take no for an answer.  

"But Radius, I don't support traditional values or gay rights.  I just don't care!" I hear you defiantly scream at your computer screen.  I feel the exact same way.  It doesn't matter to me if Adam and Steve or Eve and Eve want to get married and bump uglies.  Sadly, though, even this position is unacceptable to the Gay Rights Activists.  Take the Canadian jewelers who made wedding bands for a gay wedding, then had the audacity to put up a poster supporting traditional values.  Spoiler alert, they STILL received threats and accusations of homophobia.  The Gaystapo will take nothing less than total and complete acceptance and promotion of gay rights.

Erik Erikson over at Redstate had a masterful article he penned on the subject titled "You Will Be Made to Care".  His point was essentially the same point I just made: the Gay Left will not allow you to not care about same sex marriage.  You must choose a side.  There was one particular point, however, that always stuck out to me:
In short, you may choose not to care and in so doing sit on the sidelines or give aid and comfort to the open minded and tolerant who want gay marriage so everyone can have equal rights.

But the world will one day make you care. Your church, should it open its doors to all, but refuse to perform a same sex wedding, will be accused of discrimination. In some places, the church will be forced to stop performing weddings. Many churches will lose their tax exempt status. The costs of sharing the gospel will go up.
 Two years after he wrote this article, and we're starting to see his prediction come true.  In Houston, Texas, for example, the mayor attempted last year to subpoena the sermons of pastors opposed to their equal rights bill.  She was eventually forced to withdraw the subpoena after the pastors sued, but the message that was sent was crystal clear.  Do not oppose us, and if you do, be prepared for the full wrath of your government overlords to rain down upon your head.  Hell hath no fury like a progressive wronged.

So you really want to be a Facebook rebel?  An internet outsider?  Post your support for traditional values.  Or post your lack of interest in the entire subject.  That might cost you friends, but at least you'll be honest with yourself.

It's not like any of those fuckers ever shared your lolcats anyways.

Yes you do, lolcat. Yes you do...


  1. I was directed here from an article about the Illinois school that is being forced to allow a boy in to the girl's locker room after gym. This new America has got to stop. Please message me, or Fb me if you want to be part of the solution. It is time that we, the majority stand up and just say No. We are not taking this anymore.

  2. First of all thanks for commenting here. Sorry it took so long to respond, been a crazy few days.

    I do agree that something needs to be done about the current state of affairs. Really, though I think two things need to happen. First the public needs to actually rise up against the progressive tide. I think we're starting to see that. Secondly we need to elect representatives that will actually, you know, REPRESENT the people and not kowtow to the various progressive groups out there. A good first step will be electing a decent conservative to the White House.

    I may just take you up on your offer, though...


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