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Traitor And Leaker Reality Winner Has A Sad

Slam down a can of Liberal Tears Energy Drink, because it's time for today's Micro-Aggression from Trigger Warning Radio.

Listen to "Traitor And Leaker Reality Winner Has A Sad" on Spreaker.

Alleged leaker and traitor Reality Leigh Winner is sad, ladies and gentlemen.   After being outed as having leaked classified documents for an online expose published by The Insight, Reality Winner is shaking in her tarnished military boots.  Reality Winner is terrified that there is a real chance that the Trump administration will "make an example of her."  She doesn't think she'll make it to her trial.  Reality Winner is convinced that the Trump administration will simply make her disappear.

Reality Winner's fear, while unfounded and completely irrational, is understandable when you see her for who she actually is.  Winner is your typical Millenial, thoroughly indoctrinated into the cult of the Left.  Look at her social media accounts for the proof.  While…

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