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#Breaking: Hillary Clinton Leaves 9/11 Ceremony After A "Medical Episode"

Trigger Warning: This is a breaking story that's still developing.  Not a whole lot of details: The Democratic presidential nominee appeared to faint as she was helped into a van, in what a witness said was “clearly” a medical episode.

US journalist Rick Levanthal of Fox News said: “Source tells me Hillary Clinton ‘clearly having some type of medical episode’.”

He added his unnamed security source said she "had to be helped into her van by her protective detail” at the World Trade Centre.

The source also said her knees had buckled and she had lost a shoe while being helped into the vehicle. Continue Reading...

Not much more detail at the link, although there are some pictures.  Hillary Clinton and her campaign have been saying for weeks that she was just fine.  Healthy as a horse.  Stop questioning her you sexist pigs!

I guess the cat's out of the bag now.

From Twitter:
Hillary Clinton walked out of the 9/11 memorial about 30 minutes ago but campaign aides won't …

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